Air Duct Cleaning


​Your HVAC system requires inspections and service at different intervals

  1. Your Furnace should be inspected and cleaned every year to ensure that it’s running clean and efficiently.
  2. It is strongly recommended to have the Air Ducts in your home or business professionally inspected and cleaned at least every 2 years. Being in the industry for nearly 20 years we stand behind this recommendation with confidence. Could you imagine not cleaning your home or changing the oil in your car for 3,4, or 5 years. How would your home smell? or your car preform? Well I’m sure your home would not be very inviting and your car would probably have a few words with you if it could talk.
  3. Your Air Conditioner and coils can be service every 3 years however it might be a good idea to have our service technician who is inspecting your Furnace annually to have a look at the cooling system just to make sure you won’t run into any costly repairs due to lack of maintenance.

Our process

StrongHouse takes pride in ensuring that each step of the air duct cleaning process – from inspection to clean up – is done thoroughly and professionally. You are consulted at every step of the duct cleaning process by your StrongHouse technician to ensure that your ducts and the air in your home are as clean as possible.

  • We thoroughly inspect your home and ductwork system before any work is done. We tell you exactly what work will be done as part of our home air duct cleaning service. 
  • Using a powerful vacuum and specialized air tools, StrongHouse technicians not only clean but upon request we will also sanitize all registers/grills and the inside of both supply and return openings.
  • Technicians are equipped to remove and hand-clean the blower of the furnace, as well as all accessible areas of the evaporator coil. With our high powered truck mount vacuums and an assortment of tools, we can get into every nook and cranny of the air distribution system, thoroughly cleaning every single duct.
  • All dirt and debris is removed and contained in specialized duct cleaning equipment.
  • Everything is then put back together and our work area thoroughly cleaned.

Did you know?

Hidden dangers exist and are hidden deep inside your air ducts? Yes! the very same air ducts that supply the air into every living space in your home or work environment. This constant flow of contaminants give you a continued supply of bacteria, mold, dust, pet dander, pollen and plenty more things that make you feel sick.

Whether you or your loved ones suffer constant congestion, itchy watery eyes, dry nose or throat, or simply have the need to dust your home or work space more frequently, are clear signs that your Air Duct System needs some attention.

When Should I Clean my Air Ducts?

Many of our customers ask us just that. Our answer is simple! Anytime is a great time to clean your air system, and sooner is better than later.

We know that clean air is important all the time. So don’t fall into the trap of only cleaning your Air Ducts before the heating season in the fall. Your Air Ducts work hard for you through every season. Providing you warm comfort in the fall and winter months and cool refreshing air conditioned air in the spring and summer. So don’t hesitate to call, our service team is ready to give your air system a fresh start at any time of the year.

Exceptional – Our business is to give you exceptional service

We send a trained air quality adviser to your home to give you a free analysis. You and the adviser determine together what would improve the air quality of your home. Your plan is customized to fit you.

It’s never a one-size-fits-all recommendation. You receive a written quote with the guarantee that the final price will not exceed the quote. Your time is as valuable as ours.

You receive a 100% 90 Day Money Back Service Guarantee.

Safe & comfortable

You’ll feel comfortable with our team of technicians in your home.

Before we arrive, you will receive a phone call confirming the arrival time of the technicians who will serve you.

They come to your home wearing a uniform and all our service vehicles are branded with our company information.

Each technician has received extensive training, both classroom and hands-on.

Respectful – You and your home are always treated with respect

Our air quality technicians wear surgical foot covers, use corner guards to protect your walls.

They will never smoke in or around your home or use language you wouldn’t want your children to overhear.

Your home and driveway are never left in a mess. We literally clean our way out of your house. We have developed a unique process that we have perfected and pair that with high powered equipment that is simply the best.

We promise to exceed your expectations.

At StrongHouse we Clean and Sanitize your Air System

We at StrongHouse are concerned about the type of products used to sanitize the air system of your home, and that is why we only use a hospital grade Botanical Disinfectant.

Benefect is the first and only Botanical Disinfectant. The patented technology is proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria, molds, fungus and fungal spores.

Benefect has been approved by Health Canada as a disinfectant that requires no rinsing or wiping after application. Just spray and walk away.