Terms & Conditions

This document is understood to be the set terms and conditions for StrongHouse and Air Medic Ltd. The buyer understands if services are agreed to be preformed by StrongHouse and/or Air Medic that these terms and conditions are available publicly and it is not required to sign any agreement with StrongHouse or Air Medic Ltd to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Our Duct/Pressure Cleaning, Sealing and Inspection services are confined to diagnosing, adjusting, sealing and cleaning only, and we cannot accept responsibility for the failure of any mechanical or electrical mechanisms.

The buyer understands that StrongHouse and/or Air Medic will have access to all areas of their property and may be required to use tools and equipment that will obstruct walkways, driveways, stairways, halls, etc,. It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to keep a safe distance from all work areas and understands that they are not permitted to use any equipment that belongs to StrongHouse and/or Air Medic.

Any work performed will be dependant on pre-existing conditions of property and material, and although all precautions and care will be taken to clean, service and treat service areas, the buyer releases StrongHouse and/or Air Medic, and any employees or subcontractors from any liability for any damages or injury caused to any person or property by routine cleaning and maintenance procedures.

StrongHouse and/or Air Medic can not be held responsible for personal items that are left unattended in or around the service area. The buyer understands that it is their sole responsibility to remove any cash or items that may be of monetary, personal, or sentimental value prior to service, and releases StrongHouse and/or Air Medic from any liability from damage or misplacement of these items.

The buyer understands that StrongHouse and/or Air Medic has inspected all work performed and has given the buyer every opportunity to review all services rendered. Once services are completed, the buyer accepts that all services are fulfilled to there satisfaction and all appliances and property are in original condition and proper working order as they were prior to the service. There is no warranty on any service, due to varied lifestyles, weather conditions, environmental factors and unforeseen pre-existing conditions. Warranties on products will be limited to the warranty by the manufacturer and or supplier.

Verbal understandings and agreements with representatives will not be binding unless a signed agreement on a StrongHouse and/or Air Medic Letter Head is in place.
All work is payable in full upon completion.

StrongHouse is a division of Air Medic Duct Cleaning Limited.