Dryer Vent Service

Your dryer's venting should be professionally inspected annually to prevent breakdown of appliance or worse, a dryer fire.

There is a hidden danger and chances are you don’t even think about it. It’s the vent from your clothes dryer. Over time, it fills with lint that slips past your dryers filter. Overheating results as the lint builds up, and then you’re just a step away from a fire. Unfortunately, this is true in over 15,000 homes North American Homes every year, displacing families from fire damaged homes and worse the loss of life, from this preventable disaster.

Before - Clogged Dryer Vent 2 After - Cleaned Dryer Vent 2
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What are sure signs of trouble? Ask yourself these questions...

  1. Have you noticed that it may take longer for your clothing to dry during your machines normal dry cycle?
  2. Is your laundry room becoming warmer or more humid than usual? Is there an odour present?
  3. Is there a constant buildup of lint in addition to dust in your home.
  4. Are your windows or mirrors wet after doing the laundry?

If you are experiencing any of these issues or just think its time to have an inspection or professional service. Call us Today! 416-456-0106